Sunday, gray and rainy, and ideal study weather!

Reading recipes in Italian is part of my studying ;-). Italians are proud of radicchio and you have different kinds. It’ s family of our chicory, and it’s also rather bitter. There is the round one which grows like salad and there is the type which grows like chicory and which is less bitter. I will use 500-600 grams of radicchio trevigiano tardivo for 2p. The recipe of today is stolen out of the Coop (my favourite local supermarket) magazine of february : pasta with radicchio, crescenza (a white fresh cheese) and hazelnuts. Cook some short pasta, go for healthy and use full fibre, 60-70 grams pp. Chop a sjalot and a few garlic cloves and if you like it spicy, a spicy pepper. Fry and add the radicchio thinly sliced when the onion is glazy. How long to bake is up to you, but be careful not to cook until you get a darkbrown mass. Mix the al dente cooked pasta with the radicchio, add some pasta water if too dry,  pepper and salt, some of the white cheese ( in total 2 tabelspoons of crescenza pp.;  fresh ricotta will be a perfect alternative), some roughly grinded nuts and little red fresh pepperballs. So, easy cooking today and time for…studying italian grammar and watching an Italian movie.

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